Shared Prosperity

Finding viable options to re-launch economic interactions and promote greater regional integration in the Mediterranean is the core of the Pillar. Specific attention will be given to the role that business leaders may play in fostering common prosperity. Central to the debate will be the challenge of how to match energy security objectives with sustainable development goals.


The current migration emergency is increasingly turning into a global humanitarian crisis. Under this Pillar, the discussion will focus on identifying safe and legal routes for asylum-seekers, addressing the related issues of providing social inclusion, protection and assistance, and efficiently combining counter trafficking policy with the protection of human rights.

Shared Security

In light of the threats posed by the increasing instability in the Mediterranean region, the discussion will focus on the strategies for fighting terrorism and promoting successful post-conflict transitions. The Pillar will also explore possible avenues to implement intelligence cooperation and engage local communities to counter violent extremism and organized crime.

Media, Culture & Society

The topic of primary interest will be the central contribution made by cultural dialogue in the relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean. The debate will assess the role that the media may play in overcoming misperceptions and the contribution of young people and women to developing responsible socio-economic engagement.

Scientific Partners


Chatham House

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